Monday, January 24, 2011

Moral Bankruptcy: A Church gone astray


As the sexual exploits of the Italian Prime Minister are aired in the International news, the pope makes a vague general statement urging public officials to "rediscover their spiritual and moral roots". What a shame! What a farce!

This is what happens when a faith has lost its way and now cannot even chastise someone who is doing evil.

This is the result of decades of cover-ups and turning the blind-eye to the abuses of thousands of victims within the Catholic Church. So now if the pope takes a hard line on Berlusconi's actions, he can turn around and say but what about the priests you protected for decades even though they kept doing their evil deeds. Even the last pope who is on his way to sainthood was no saint when it came to protecting priests from prosecution and denying victims their rights.

Now the Church has no leg to stand on, it cannot lecture any one on moral issues. It cannot claim to have moral authority when hundreds within its ranks are implicated in the cover-up and in perpetrating the evils themselves. Whole communities have been devastated by these evil actions. Broken families and damaged souls now lie in the wake of every inquiry and investigation into many parishes and suspected priests.

How can this Church claim to be guided by God? If that was so, many in Europe especially are asking why did God let this happen. Is it a wonder why millions in Europe have turned their collective backs on religion and God in particular.

For centuries, the Church was the mouthpiece of God, the moral authority, the spiritual guide of the masses. Then came the crusades, the inquisition and now the child abuse cases in epic proportion. The blame without doubt lies with the Church and its leaders.

How can a reasonable person who knows anything about God remain in an organisation that is bereft of God and His Holiness?

How can anyone accept what such an organisation tells us about God?

How can anyone not see that this Church is a man-made structure that has adopted many of the pagan beliefs and rituals which God hates?

How can this be guidance when its ranks are filled with misguided and evil people?

How can this be pleasing to God, when everything the Church stands for - its power and wealth are actively used in doing things displeasing to God?

It is time for Catholics to seriously think about their relationship with God. It is time for them to come to Islam which is the only true religion acceptable to God.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Love for Truth

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The Glorious Qur'an states,

O believers! Have fear of Allah and be with those who are truthful in word and deed. [9:119]

As such we must look hard at the facts of the flooding in Queensland as well as in Victoria and we must ask why Allah has sent us this punishment?

Allah reminds us in the Qur'an,

And who does more wrong than one who is reminded of the Signs of his Lord but turns away from them forgetting the (deeds) which his hands have sent forth? [18:57]

This verse clearly shows that disasters and calamities are sent by God because of the sins and transgressions of the people.

And further Allah says about the people of the past who disobeyed and were unrepentant,

Such were the populations We destroyed when they committed iniquities; but We fixed an appointed time for their destruction. [18:59]

With 75% of the State underwater and dozens dead and missing - what other warnings and signs do people need to turn to God and submit to Him.

This is a time for reflection, a time to come back to God, a time to humble yourself as He has shown His awesome might. Indeed God has spared us so that we can get a second chance - let us not squander it away for the distractions and temporary enjoyments of this world.

We invite all Australians to ponder what has happened and why it has happened. We invite them to accept Islam and to come closer to their Creator.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beauty of Islam

Beauty of Islam

Islam calls to the worship of the Creator and not to the worship of the creation.

Islam leads humankind to submit to the One True God, Allah. Allah with whom none shares divinity.

Islam does not say about God what we do not know from the divinely revealed scriptures.

Islam clearly defines what God expects from us and what is pleasing to Him.

Islam tells us the purpose of our existence – to worship and adore our Creator by submitting to Him in Islam.

Islam is a way of life, every aspect of our lives is guided by God’s spoken word and the example of His Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Islam is based on two scriptures, the Quran and the Hadeeth, both of whom have been well preserved and documented since the time of the Prophet.

Islam gives us a value, ethics and moral system to live by.

In Islam salaah helps us make a connection with Allah and remember Him five times daily.

In Islam zakat helps us to care for those less fortunate.

In Islam the fasts of Ramadan helps us get closer to Allah – which is the ultimate goal of every Muslim.

In Islam the hajj to Mecca helps us follow in the footsteps of Prophet Abraham and his family and cleanse ourselves of all sins.

Islam gives dignity and honour to both men and women, entitling them to rights and responsibilities which they have over each other.

In Islam men and women are equal in the sight of Allah for their deeds.

In Islam children who die before puberty enter Paradise.

In Islam we believe in the noble angels and that they are pure and obedient to Allah.

In Islam we believe in the prophets and messengers of God who were sent to guide the different nations and tribes of the earth at different times in history calling one and all to the worship of their Creator.

In Islam we believe in all the prophets sent by God starting from Adam to Abraham to Moses to David and Solomon to Jesus and finally to Muhammad the last and final prophet and messenger sent to humankind.

In Islam we believe in the books sent by God as revelations to different messengers in order to guide humankind to the truth, this includes the Suhuf of Abraham, the Torah of Moses, the Psalms of David, the Gospel of Jesus and the Quran of Muhammad (peace be upon them all).

In Islam we believe in the Day of Judgement when everyone will be judged for the good and the evil that they have done during their life times, no injustice will be done and everyone will receive their dues on that day.

In Islam we believe that both good and evil occur with the will of Allah and that this life is a test and a trial for us all.

In Islam we believe that paradise is for the believers who submit to God and hell-fire awaits those to reject God’s message.

Islam moulds excellent character in men and women who submit to the Quran and Sunnah.

Islam brings peace of mind and certainty into one’s life.

Islam makes the family grow stronger and protects those who are young and aged.

Islam allows trade and business based on ethics and morals.

Islam builds a society of security, trust and goodwill.

Islam builds and develops communities to be able to stand on their own.

Islam stands against every form of oppression.

Islam stands for justice even against ourselves.

Islam demands that we as humans look after the environment as it is a trust from God.

Islam demands that even in war we must follow strict rules of combat so that innocent women and children as well as orchards and religious institutions are not killed or destroyed.

Islam promotes peace and does not consider war holy.

Islam accepts anyone and everyone as a Muslim when they submit to God – no matter where they come from, which family they were brought up in, how much wealth they own, the colour of their skin or what language they speak.

In Islam the one who embraces Islam becomes like he or she was born that very day, that is, without sin. All their past sins are forgiven by the All-Forgiving and Most Merciful Allah.

Islam invites people to a universal brotherhood and sisterhood of believers who act as one body caring and looking out for one another.

Islam honours the guest and gives rights to the neighbour.

Islam gives rights to animals.

Islam encourages the setting free of slaves.

Islam guarantees workers’ rights and fair wages and conditions.

Islam prohibits things that bring disasters to families and communities like alcohol, gambling and prostitution.

Islam sets up welfare institutions to care for the orphans, the widows and the mentally ill.

Islam encourages marriage and promotes strong family values.

Islam allows divorce where the marriage can longer work.

Islam has system of inheritance whereby family members are taken care of.

Islam encourages scientific research as it proves the existence of a Creator.

Islam is against extremism is any action whether religious or otherwise.

In Islam good deeds increase one’s faith and evil deeds decrease one’s faith.

In Islam cleanliness is part of faith.

In Islam the means do not justify the ends.

In Islam knowledge comes before belief.

In Islam being modest is part of faith.

In Islam hijab is compulsory for women and men must cover between their navel and below their knees.

In Islam pride leads to hell-fire and submission to paradise.

In Islam remembering Allah is one of the greatest deeds one can perform.

In Islam the Sunnah has the same authority as the Quran.

Islam prohibits interest and any type of exploitation.

Islam is the middle way and the straight path leading one closer to Allah.